What’s Our Story?

Angel Auto Insurance is an independent insurance agency that seeks to provide service through uniquely packaged insurance premiums. We have been in the business for 48 years and have catered to all sorts of accidents, whether at home or on the road. With the low insurance rates we offer, Northwest Indiana has better options in deciding the right insurance company for them.


We have gained the confidence and trust of many clients who were not familiar with the road by signing them up on liability coverage onset of their insurance contract. With this type of coverage, they are more equipped in handling road accidents and injuries.


We also offer home insurance coverage to help our clients get through the challenges of home accidents and property losses. With us, their home is insured for fire, theft, damage and from a number of natural calamities. For us, customers who sleep better at night knowing their homes are insured are the best proof of optimum service quality.


We pride in our specialty insurance coverage, which provides insurance for nearly everything you want insured. As an insurance company, we offer choices and flexibility in terms of the type of real property that you want to insure outside our regular insurance package and policies.

Our Team